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Professor Han Vinck (IEEE Fellow, Former President of IEEE Information Theory Society) 演講
   Publish Date 2015-11-20
   Begin Date ~ End Date 2015-11-20

"On biometrics, coding and information theory"


Biometrics can be used as an alternative for passwords. The field is very interesting for engineers from all different disciplines. Signal processing and communication theory play an important role in the development of reliable systems.  One of the problems to be solved is the translation from a biometric to a stable discrete variable.  Another problem is that of noisy biometrics, which rule out hashing functions. We introduce the concept and discuss relations with coding and information theory.

   Location Yuan Ze University Building 7 R70304
   Sponsor Yuan Ze University & IEEE IT Society Taipei Chapter
   Contact Person 李穎教授
   Email eeyli@saturn.yzu.edu.tw
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